Saving Money with Your Sweetheart

Stan and Wendy

Relationships are fun. College is fun. Relationships in college are double fun! However, relationships can be expensive. And being a college student, you likely have limited funds into which you can dip for your sweetums.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day 2014, here are a few tips to save money on your relationship while still keeping it fun:

Limit eating out: as intriguing and convenient as pulling out the phone and hitting up GrubHub for your meals, consider cooking dinner together. Go online, find an easy recipe that you both enjoy (or even find a recipe from home that you haven’t shared yet with your partner) and cook away!

When you do choose to eat out, be smart! Skip the appetizers and skip the overpriced beverages. If the restaurant serves large entrees, split one and cut your bill in half.

For holidays, get each other cheap gifts (or no gifts).  Instead of breaking the bank for a one-time present, consider the following options:

(1) Get crafty. Make a homemade card, “coupons” for free massages, free compliments, free meals, or free kisses!

(2) Agree to a price limit on gifts. Instead of going cold turkey, perhaps set a $10 limit and get something creative or quirky as a present.

(3) Skip the gifts altogether and simply enjoy each other’s company. Consider staying in and watching your favorite movie on Netflix, or (once the weather shapes up) explore the great outdoors through hiking, biking, running, or going on a picnic!

Finally, on the big V-day, stay in: restaurants and other businesses rack up prices on Valentine’s Day (because they can), so maybe cook a fun meal together and enjoy one another’s company. Or, if you’re set on going out, follow the aforementioned “eating out” tips and be as frugal as possible while still having a good time J

I hope these tips come in handy if you find yourself in a relationship while in college. Don’t let the seemingly prohibitive cost of going out and having fun with your partner keep you from actually having fun together! The world is at your fingertips when it comes to dating possibilities. The important thing is to remember that you don’t need to break the bank in order to have fun with relationships in college.