Scholarships for Anything

Friday February 15, 2013
Author: Phil

I have no idea how dated the things I say are. But I assume that through the magic of syndicated TV, pretty much everybody knows who George Costanza is—if you don’t, I highly recommend that you watch a few episodes of “Seinfeld” to catch up…just make sure one of them is “The Dealership.” In between his constant complaining about the trials and tribulations of being a, “Short, stocky, slow-witted bald man” George would somehow manage to utter something that could be considered philosophical brilliance. For this portion of the Moneysmarts blog, the goal is to take my personal favorite George Costanza quote, and use it to serve as a model for becoming more efficient in our financial lives, and post a new tip every so often that follows the sage-like advice of this modern-day Confucius.  Read More »

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