That's Why You Always Do the Math

Last night, my wife, brother-in-law, and I decided to go out to eat to watch the Pacers game (lack of cable at home = impossible to watch there).  Because of the relatively short wait (20 minutes), we elected to eat at Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. 

By the time we sat down at our table it was a few minutes past 9, which meant that all appetizers, except for the 12 or 25 wings or 12 “breadstix,” were $5.  My brother-in-law wanted wings, and decided on the 12 version that was $11.50.  Before he could complete his order, we all noticed that because of the special, an order of 6 wings was now $5, instead of the normal $8.50 (now, I will agree that 6 normal chicken wings at $8.50 is way too expensive, but these wings were massive…at least twice the size of normal ones).  This meant that ordering two separate orders of 6 wings still gave him the same number of wings, for $1.50 less (and double the celery!). 

I don’t think the restaurant was trying to be sneaky, but this should just serve as a reminder to you that when you do go out to eat, or even when you buy food at the grocery store, there are times where buying a single item in a bigger package can be more expensive than buying multiples of the same thing in smaller packages.  So make sure to double check the menu, labels, etc., before you buy anything.  You could end up saving a bit of money.

Even J. Walter Weatherman would agree that's why, you always do the math.

J Walter Weatherman.