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Indiana University’s Office of Financial Literacy has been established to assist students in making informed financial decisions before, during, and after college.  

Indiana University MoneySmarts was established as part of an overall program to assist students to make informed financial management decisions and decrease overall student debt. The goal of the MoneySmarts program is to address the holistic needs of our students and connect financial literacy messaging with learning opportunities that meet your wellness needs in ways that are relevant to you.

Our commitment to maintaining financial wellness is a lifelong process. Our goal is to provide you with information that will expand your personal finance knowledge choices related to financing college. The educational workshops, individual student meetings, presentations, resources, and other tools we provide from experts contribute to the overall health and wellness of the IU community and assist in your financial decision-making.

The University has developed many resources to support you in attaining your degree. The Offices of Financial Aid at each campus should be the first stop for any student needing help paying for college. The faculty and staff of Indiana University are also committed to student success.  Ask for help.  They want you to achieve your degree goal(s).

To make the financial literacy programming as relevant to your needs as possible, please let us know what kinds of information would be most helpful. Contact us at or send us a message here.