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A drawing of a spade with concrete hovering over two lines of bricks with new mortar.

A crash course in building credit

Do you know what your credit score is? Do you care? Learn the least you need to know about building and maintaining credit—the good kind.

Learn about credit
A drawing of a pig with parts portioned off with the words Food, Books, Xmas, and Gas written on him.

Get a head start on life. Learn to budget.

Do you know how to budget? Like, a real budget? One you can actually follow? If so, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, you need to read this article.

Get a budgeting refresher
A drawing of a sweating pig holding a giant stack of books.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems: how to balance school, life, and work

Will more money really make you happy? Not if you have to sacrifice everything else to make it. Learn how to find the right balance between your working and academic life.

See how to get balanced
A drawing of a credit card with a keyhole in it next to a key

Beyond plastic: what you need to know about banking

Just like you, your money needs a place to live. Learn how to pick a good bank—and check one more thing off your "learning how to adult" list.

Check out banking
A pig holds a dumbbell with money bags on it over its head

Say good bye to the bank of Mom and Dad

Congratulations! You're graduating from college and becoming an adult. It's time to let go of childish things—like your financial dependence on your parents. Learn how to cut the ties.

Learn how to cut financial ties
A paper bag full of groceries with the word Save printed on the front

Pizza is not a food group: How to eat the moneysmart way

Sure, you could eat takeout 24/7, but that’s not good for your budget or your health. Learn how to eat well on the cheap.

Learn how to eat smart