Got money questions? Get answers from someone who understands—a fellow Indiana University student.

How we can help

The IU MoneySmarts Team are IU students with a passion for financial literacy. As students, they understand the money issues you may be experiencing. As financial gurus in the making, they can help you solve them.  The Team can cover topics with you, including but not limited to: Budgeting, Savings, Credit Cards, Borrowing/Debt, Building/Establishing Credit, Identity Theft, Student Loan Repayment, and Preparing for Graduation/Employment.

We are available to meet in-person at IU Bloomington, IUPUI, and IU South Bend based on availability. Even if you aren't at one of these campuses, we offer online sessions with a peer as well. All we ask is that you dress appropriately for the video chat (i.e., are dressed). Go ahead and schedule an appointment with us below. All appointments are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

And if you're not a student, our Office staff conducts appointments for faculty/staff and alumni as well (also free and confidential).

Money got you stressed?

The IU MoneySmarts Team now offers one-on-one meetings for students with our MoneySmarts WellBeing Consultant. These consultation appointments focus on you and your overall well-being as they relate to your financial situation.

Some of the topics may include but are not limited to the effects of your financial situation on your anxiety, stress, personal life, academic life, and social life. 

Please note that this Consultation does not replace mental health services. If you are in need of psychological services, contact your campus' counseling and psychological services office.

Interested in meeting with our WellBeing Consultant? Email These meetings are also both FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Looking for a group presentation?

The MoneySmarts Team is also available to give presentations on various financial topics for students, faculty/staff, and community organizations.  Whether you are an RA searching for a great programming idea, you're looking for a practical skills session for your professional organization, you want to engage your fraternity/sorority, or something else, the Team can present to your group on ways to save money on food (involves taste testing), on housing, and just being financially awesome. All presentations are FREE to you and your group.