Don’t fret about debt. Living moneysmart is a better bet.

We created MoneySmarts in 2012 to accomplish a single goal: to help students like you make informed financial decisions before, during, and after college.

In other words? We want to help you establish good money habits and give you the moneysmarts you need to thrive wherever life takes you.

We also want to reduce student debt as much as possible. And while it’s still early days, there are signs that we’re having an impact.

$126.4 millionreduction in student borrowing since 2011

19%decrease in student borrowing across all IU campuses

It takes a village to create MoneySmart students

Okay, maybe not an entire village. But it does take a number of initiatives that attack the problem of financial illiteracy from all sides.

We’ve worked with partners in the financial aid and bursar offices to make your debt letter more understandable. Shown up at every conceivable event to get people excited about us. And established a bunch of programs designed to help you keep on top of your finances, make smart choices, and become a MoneySmarts hero.

Explore our library of moneysmarts

Whether you need a primer on student borrowing, a refresher on what your credit score is, or some advice about managing a college student-sized budget, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our MoneySmarts library.

We’ve created a mix of podcasts, blog posts, and articles that tackle just about any financial topic you can think of—and we’re always adding more.

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See how much college will really cost you

When you’re surrounded by piles of financial aid paperwork and student loan information, it can be tough to figure out how much your education will actually cost.

Our calculator is designed to help take the guesswork out of the equation. You give us all the information you have, and the calculator will give you a solid estimate for how much you’ll pay for your IU degree.

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