Getting Married in College

Have a wedding that fits you

If a big wedding is what you want and you can afford it, that’s great. If you’re doing it just because it’s what everybody else does, you may think about who you two are as a couple and figure out if there’s something more meaningful.

The best weddings I’ve ever been to (not counting mine, of course) have involved couples who knew themselves well and brought everybody into that world.

For example, I went to a wedding where the couple had everybody hike to the top of the mountain where they went on their first date. If people were unable to make it to the top, they brought along network-connected iPads that allowed them to stream the ceremony live.

It was beautiful; it was perfect; and it was a perfect representation of them. Oh, and the only costs were for the dress, the suit, and the admission to the state park. Awesome!

The bottom line is that people saved money on these things without sacrificing the quality of them, because they took time to be introspective about who they are and what types of things would best represent that.