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Consider having “the money talk”

Although awkward, it’s a good idea to talk to your significant other about finances. Numerous studies have shown that money issues are among the top contributors to relationship problems.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple, combined, isn’t making enough money to afford their lifestyle. Many problems start because everyone handles their finances and prioritizes how they spend their money differently.

What if you were always spending your hard-earned money on doing things with your significant other, but they spent all of their money on “stuff” (insert your own category here) and never had any left over for your relationship? Chances are you’d feel pretty slighted, which could lead to some issues in your relationship.

The important thing is that early on in your relationship you establish a habit of discussing finances, whether big or small things, to help you avoid problems down the road. So be honest with your partner about your money. Although it can be uncomfortable, that discussion will make your relationship stronger and better for years to come.