Pick the right job

Don’t forget about your personal network development

The last thing to consider is how your job will help you develop your personal network.

On-campus jobs are great for building connections with professionals at IU. Having a job on campus is a great way to make campus seem smaller. Plus, working closely with administrators and professors allows for close mentor relationships, almost like a family unit on campus.

Off-campus jobs are great for taking you outside the IU bubble, and for building a foundation in the community.

Bloomington has many nonprofit organizations and opportunities to work with children, animals, sustainability—or almost any other cause you can think of. Involvement within the community might be a refreshing break from your on-campus routine and provide you with further leadership positions. Weigh your future career objectives and what might serve as valuable experiences for developing skills in areas that interest you.

No matter if you choose an on- or off-campus position, it’s important to start building your resume as early as you can through part-time job experiences. Employers seek out student leaders who are not only invested in their education, but are also able to demonstrate self-discipline and time management skills—qualities evident with balancing work and school throughout college.

A part-time job is more than just a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to expand your marketable skills, explore different career avenues, and make IU your new home.