Summer Jobs

4. Build your network

Networking really does work. Ask friends, parents, coaches, professors, and former employers if they can assist you in your summer job search.

Utilize campus resources, too. Our career offices can assist you with job search strategies and building your network.

5. Jumpstart your search using campus job boards

IU’s job boards have summer job listings from both on-campus and off-campus sources. These employers know you have skills to offer and will be excited to hear from you.

6. Apply in person

Go to the places of employment that interest you. Dress appropriately, take your resume, and ask if there are any positions open for college students seeking employment.

Have a short speech ready to introduce yourself. Tell potential employers what your major and career goals are and how a position at the company could benefit both of you.

Use these tips and chances are you’ll land a job that adds valuable skills to your resume.