The truth about investing

The one investment you should always make

Once you get a job, make sure to invest in whatever retirement plan your employer offers. Always. At every job, from your first to your last.

While it may seem strange to set aside money for retirement while you’re in your 20s, the power of compound interest is astounding. It could be your ticket to a comfortable retirement.

For proof, check out this investment calculator. It will show you how your money can grow. Then try it again, this time taking five years off the life of the investment. It’s an easy way to see how much delaying saving for retirement can hurt your eventual return.

To get you started, the IU MoneySmarts Team is here to help you set up your budget and get you to start saving so you can get to investing sooner. Sadly, we are not licensed to provide any specific investment advice, but there are always financial advisors you can contact to help you get started. Good luck!