Step 1: Get a grip on the numbers

So you’ve been admitted to IU (congratulations!). And you’ve got your financial aid package in hand (good for you). It’s tempting to assume that the whole money thing is all going to work out and concentrate on outfitting your dorm room.


Before you show up for classes, you need to make sure you know how much your degree is really going to cost—and make sure you have a plan to pay for it.

Our calculator can help you with the first part of that equation. Even better, it can help you find ways to save on things like housing and food.

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Step 3: Get some backup

Yeah, we know. You’d like to think you’ve got it handled. But sometimes we all need to lean on someone.

Lucky for you, the MoneySmarts Team can help you get to the bottom of pretty much any financial issue. Got a question about your student loans? Need help with your budget? Just need help figuring out how to afford your social life?

We’ve got your back.

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Saving for college?

Check out our recent presentation about the State of Indiana's college savings program: