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Educate yo’self and get credit for your moneysmarts

If you’re serious about getting moneysmart, consider taking our series of financial literacy courses. Each of the three 5-week classes earns you 1 credit and builds on the one that came before. Topics covered range from basic financial literacy all the way up to risk management.

You can also take a 3-credit-hour class that covers everything the shorter classes do, and more.

MoneySmarts U

Just want to learn finances on the fly? Indiana University created MoneySmarts U to let you learn about your finances when it's most relevant to you, instead of trying to teach you everything all at once.  The best part? It's not terrible.

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Did you know your tuition payment covers up to 18 credits each semester? So, by taking a financial literacy course or two, you’re maximizing your tuiton dollars—always a moneysmart choice.

Get your money smarts in small doses

F151: Personal Finances of the College Student

This class introduces you to the basic planning tools and concepts for college-age financial literacy. The emphasis is on financial decisions and challenges facing a typical college student. Topics include careers, goal setting, budgeting, tax planning and credit, and financing higher education. This is the foundation of the financial literacy curriculum.

F152: Basic Financial Planning and Investment

In this class, you’ll be introduced to the basic planning tools and concepts for financial literacy into adulthood and retirement. The emphasis is on analyzing, selecting, and managing investments over a lifetime. Topics include time value of money, financial statements, retirement objectives, and investing in various financial assets. This is the second part of the financial literacy curriculum.

F251: Managing Personal and Financial Risk

This class introduces you to the basic planning tools and concepts for effective risk management. The emphasis is on determining, analyzing, and managing lifestyle and career factors contributing to financial risk, as well as the exploration of uses, suitability, and advantages of various insurance products for major risks. This is the third part of the financial literacy curriculum.

Or learn it all in one fell swoop

F260: Personal Finance

This 3-credit class gives you a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of personal finance. It provides a complete framework for understanding the process of accumulating and protecting personal wealth, emphasizing the analysis of risk/return relationships, as well as learning to understand investment alternatives and how strategies develop as life situations mature.

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Currently, only F260: Personal Finance is available on every campus. To check to see if the other classes are offered on your campus, go to one.iu and search for iGPS.