There's a world of financial literacy resources waiting for you.

The internet is bursting with information on virtually every financial literacy topic. Below you'll find a list of some of our favorite sources.

General Financial Literacy Resources

  • Nerd Wallet Cost of Living Calculator—Want to see how much more/less it will cost to live in a city when you graduate? Check out this calculator.
  • Mint—This site helps you to see where your money goes and keep track of your budget.
  • Feed the Pig—This site provides tips and interactive tools to remind you to feed that piggy bank.
  • Council of Graduate Schools—Website provides research, data, and links to information regarding financial literacy geared towards Graduate students.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) - This website has an abundance of resources specifically for college students and reminds you government regulations are in place to protect you

Financial Aid Resources

  • FinAid—A comprehensive guide to financial aid on the web.
  •—The online home for federal student loan programs.
  •—Offers a wealth of information from applying to colleges to learning the many plans a borrower can utilize to best repay their loans. In addition, directions, tips and definitions are provided for filling out the FAFSA, assessing loan eligibility, and deciding how financial aid can make college a reality.
  • National Student Loan Data System—The U.S. Department of Education's (NSLDS) central database for student aid.

Career Resources

  • IU Career Services—Infomation about career services at IU as well as links to specific career service offices based on their affiliation.
  • NACE Salary Calculator—Get a good understanding as to how much money you can expect to make after you graduate based on your location, experience, and education. Just remember that you should be looking at the starting salary, and not the median or the top.