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Pete and Alex are joined by School of Public Health Faculty Member and Director of Peer Financial Education, Deb Getz, to talk about the importance of financial wellness.

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This year, the IU MoneySmarts program has teamed with the IU School of Public Health Bloomington to begin promote financial wellness. We think this is an extremely important partnership that will go a long way towards strengthening your health during, and after, college.

No matter what stage in life you are in, finances can affect your mental and physical health. Research has shown that students are constantly worried about their financial situation and that it can lead to poor academic performance.* It has also caused them to neglect their own personal well-being. For example, 11% of students have said they regularly skip meals to save money.* To us, this is alarming. We do not believe any student should have to sacrifice their own well-being to maintain the funds needed to stay in school. This is one of the major reasons why IU MoneySmarts exists: to provide financial education services to students that help them better understand and plan their finances so that they don’t have to sacrifice their personal health.

We know that finances aren’t sexy and that they’re not really fun to learn about, but we’re hoping to change that. Learning about your own financial situation and how you can strengthen your position is pretty liberating because you always know what money is coming in and what money is going out. When something unexpected comes up, you’ll have yourself covered because you planned ahead. And if a future employer ever checks your credit as a requirement of employment (trust us, they do), you’ll feel confident because you’ve learned enough about how to handle your finances appropriately so that you don’t have to sweat it.

So what we want from you is for you to utilize IU MoneySmarts as much as you can. Take one of our classes. Read our lessons and listen to the podcasts on our site. Schedule an appointment with one of our peer educators (go here) or e-mail with any questions you might have.

We are here to help you figure out how to make finances as stress-less as they can be.