How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents

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Student Mailbag # 3
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Pete and Alex are joined by special student guests, members of the IU MoneySmarts Team: Jamie, Jason, and Dean.

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When we travel and encounter people who want to know what our office is about, we always hear from those that have graduated from college that, “I wish I would have learned that stuff while in school.” The benefit of being an IU student now is that you do have us as a resource!

IU MoneySmarts exists to provide you with financial information you need to know while in college so that you’re not hitting yourself in the head after graduation as you try to navigate your financial life.

We tried out the mailbags on the podcast this semester to get some student input into what you want to hear. While our first few students have asked some great questions, now it’s your turn. These mailbags are designed to be your opportunity to ask questions about what you want to know about your personal finances. We want you to start telling us what you want to know so that we can better help prepare you for you financial life after college.

If you have a question you’d like Pete and Alex to answer in a future episode of the podcast, contact us at Who knows? If Pete and Alex think you might have a golden voice, maybe you can be featured as part of a future episode of “How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents.” We look forward to your fanmail!